The HFAG Story

The who, why, where and when of the Group.

Number of Homes in Wealden and Uckfield

A short investigation into the need for new homes in Wealden and Uckfield. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures for growth in population and number of households based on the 2021 Census.


The world of housing development projects has a jargon and a set of acronyms all its own. The following definitions, which include coverage and updated material specific to Uckfield and Wealden as well as country-wide matters, should help clear up some of the mystery.

Housing Developments in Uckfield and Immediate Surrounds

Proposed, underway and recently refused developments of 35 homes and above, as of 24 April 2023.

Bullet Points

Bite-size facts and figures, covering Horstedpond Farm, Uckfield, Wealden, East Sussex and national-level developments, highlighting why we must continue to object to ill-conceived and opportunistic housing developments.