Another 400 homes have been proposed for South Uckfield,
this time at Horstedpond Farm …

… The Farm is just across Lewes Road from Ridgewood
Farm where 1,000 homes are being built.

Enough is enough!

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Protecting Our Rural Landscapes and Communities

In the absence of a Wealden masterplan, housing development proposals across the district are piecemeal, opportunistic and growing. No thought has been given to the major infrastructure, amenities and services problems that will inevitably arise.


If all the housing proposals currently tabled were to go ahead, Wealden would be provided with well over three times the number of homes the district needs. Uckfield, particularly South Uckfield, is a strong focal point for developers targeting big profits. The completion of new homes under construction and proposed would boost the town’s number of homes by over 50%!  This is far beyond what is needed and far beyond what the town is able to accommodate.


The Horstedpond Farm Action Group (HFAG), with its core of four residences in the middle of the farm, is strongly opposed to the plan by Castlefort Homes to build 400 homes on the farm’s land. HFAG is reaching out to all the people of Uckfield and Little Horsted, including groups protesting against the other half dozen housing schemes proposed for the town, to help stop our remaining countryside being swallowed up unnecessarily and to stop Uckfield becoming an urban sprawl.


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